NEW LESSON CANCELLATION POLICY MEMO: Effective January 15th, 2022 As of January 15th, 2022, if canceling your lesson without 24 hour notice is necessary, you WILL still be responsible for payment for that lesson. We DO understand that it is cold / flu season, as well as Covid-19 still being a concern. However, without 24 hours notice, you will be responsible for the lesson payment as our teachers are waiting at our studios and therefore must be paid. ** If you are needing to cancel your lesson, please text or call your vocal coach THE DAY PRIOR (before 7pm) so that your instructor can try and get another student in to fill that time slot. If canceling your lesson is necessary under 24 hours notice, we can offer you a Zoom lesson at your normal time slot and your vocal coach will give you a link so that you can sign in and still take your lesson. Thank you for your understanding! Debbie & Dan Monroe

January 2022: Sing-Play-Perform with us! CALL 716-600-SING! A"Note" from Debbie & Dan Monroe to all of our talented singers and amazing dedicated parents!
New year, and Many New exciting things happening with our studio!

We are starting to fill up our calendar with some shows to keep our singers busy and on their toes! We are loving our Coffee Houses and they are very well attended. Our Vocal Coach Morgan Parnitzke will be running the Hamburg shows as Kelly Keller will be running the West Seneca SPoT Coffee Houses. More info on dates below.

We also have a new teacher or two starting in this New Year! Be on the lookout for some talented coaches coming!

Anthem training 2 hour workshop: January 15th (Saturday) from 3-5pm Have you ever wanted to sing The National Anthem at a Professional sporting event or even just a local school event? If so, then THIS workshop is for you! We will also be going over The Canadian Anthem as well. Sign up at the studio or with your private voice coach! Fee will be $50/cash or check only made out to Bello-Voice-Studio. We are very excited about this workshop as we were interviewed by The New York Post in an article on Tips for auditioning for the National Anthem! If you get to audition for a Professional Sporting team, most likely you will need to know both anthems. They are also A Capella!
(Limited space available for this workshop includes water and snacks)

Something NEW for 2022!
BREW FOR A VIDEO REVIEW! This review can even be in the form of a video review on Instagram as long as you tag us in it! Get a Tim Horton's cup of coffee or anything of your choice or by simply leaving a Google or Facebook positive review for Bello Voice Studio. Send your teacher a screen grab of your review and get a $2 Tim Horton's gift card from Debbie! You can pick yours up anytime you're in the studio. Just come see Debbie.

ALL ACCESS 2022 Tuesday June 21st and Wednesday June 22, from 6-9pm. NEW VENUE THIS YEAR!!!! All Access Concerts this year at Cloverbank Country Club (formerly Brierwood Country Club in Hamburg) (we may do 2 shows on our younger singer's date) AND BELLO'S 1st ANNUAL PICNIC June 25th or 26th (Also might be on Sunday, June 26th we are deciding on which day we can get our rental location!) We're so excited to have our 1st annual picnic and want all families to be a part of it!
It's the Saturday or Sunday after All Access. It will hopefully be held at Chestnut Ridge. We'll need a head count of all families interested so we can plan the right size shelter up there and start getting things ready. We hope to make this an annual event for all singers and family members!

We are currently doing some cool additions to the studio in our front office! More info coming on this news! We have a TV back in our Green Room filled with Disney music videos, some games for siblings while they wait, and FREE popcorn too! We very much want to help your child with practicing, recording themselves and getting new confidence on stage! That's why we encourage our singers to come and use our FREE practice rooms so music is always being heard in our studios! Please keep checking our Facebook Silent Group Chat to find out more details on any new info about shows! If you haven't been added to this chat, just ask your coach and we'll see to it that you are added. It is important that everyone is on our Facebook "Silent Group Chat" It is a "Silent Group chat" so that no one is inundated with notifications so PLEASE do not respond (even with an emoji😜)

CLOSINGS & OPENINGS: The studio will be open January 3rd and the ENTIRE month in 2022! (we're OPEN on all smaller “one” day holidays)

JR'S rehearsals this month are January 11th & 25th at 6-7pm. we will be holding bi-weekly rehearsals so that our kids can be together and do what they love to do...SING! There is a limit on the number of children we can have at these rehearsals so if you would like to be on our list, contact Debbie asap and you will be placed on the JR'S list. The cost per child is only $10/week. (Ages 5-11)

BELLO BELLA'S rehearsals this month are January 4th & 18th from 6-7pm.This particular group will be by invite only. They will need to meet certain criteria and we will most definitely have a wait list! $10/week. (Ages 12-17) The Bella's group is FULL but if you are interested, we'll be holding auditions in privately. Please inquire at studio.

BOTH of these groups will be meeting bi-weekly and must maintain attendance in order to remain in the groups. It's only fair that everyone comes to the rehearsals because this is the only way to sound GREAT! If you are interested in joining, please talk to your vocal coach and we can get you prepared to join our group! No more than 2 missed rehearsals or you won't be eligible for a solo at the next performance. We only have 2 meetings a month to prepare.

Anthem training 2 hour workshop January 15th (Saturday) from 3-5pm (this will be held at The studio in OP.

January 22nd SPoT Coffee House West Seneca 12:30-2:30pm (Sat) Address:1300 Union Rd

January 28th 5-7pm SpoT Coffee House Hamburg: 12 Main St, Hamburg, NY 14075

Hunter's Day Of Hope: February 12th 1-4pm. (still confirming if we are singing this day) This will be groups only due to having only 20 minutes like previous years. More info to come as soon as we know more.

DRESS CODE FOR SHOWS ONLY: When performing out in public and representing our studio, we ask that you purchase a studio t-shirt to be worn at all outdoor shows and follow these rules for other shows.
No tummy shirts (belly buttons are not to be seen at our shows please)
2. No shorts that are too short or that show your derriere cheeks please.
3. Excessively low tops that show too much cleavage are not permitted at shows.
4. Ripped jeans are fine but remember that you're representing our studio and must remain and look professional
INTHE KNOW: For ALL parents and students:
We'd really like ALL of our students to get used to ALL of our instructors! This way our “musical family” can grow even closer. From time to time, our instructors need to get away on a little vacation or might be sick. This doesn't happen too often but it does happen. This does not mean your lessons won't go on as scheduled but if you find one of our “other” instructors there to teach you on a particular day, please rest assured, they are
extremely well qualified to teach you or your talented little singers! It's most important to keep up with your lessons so we can be ready to perform at our upcoming shows.

NOTICE: **Payment Rules In Effect: We accept Cash and Checks here at Bello. All payments MUST be made on the day of the lesson. *ALL lessons are $60/for ALL coaches.
Please be considerate when asking to move your lesson times. We will do our best to accommodate your request but you are responsible for your day and time slot. Our instructors have busy lives and are only available for your particular time slots. We do try to help out whenever we can but only if it's once in a while and not a weekly thing. Please be aware that we have a 24 hour cancellation policy here at Bello.

Vocal Coaches and Instructors in our amazing studio:
Debbie Monroe ( Main Vocal Coach & Piano/Ukulele Instructor ) Owner Of Bello Voice Studio
Dan Monroe
(Main Vocal Coach/ Guitar / Piano / Ukulele) Owner Of Bello Voice Studio
Colton Rudloff
(Senior Vocal Coach)
Kelly Keller (Senior Vocal Coach)
Morgan Parnitzke (Vocal Coach)
Alexa Wery (Vocal Coach)

Please tell all your friends about our NEW business line 716-600-SING!

You can be the next one to make your very own “music video”! These new videos will be posted on our Bello Voice Studios YouTube channel.

Also, for one click to all of your pictures, music videos, social media, YouTube, and all upcoming events D.W.M. Productions will create your own personal musician website. These help one look much more professional in the music and entertainment industry! Book your personal meeting via bellovoicestudio@yahoo.com or dan@danmonroe.com.


Look for something New and Exciting happening at Bello Studios!
Beginning this month, you will be able to schedule your appointment to make your very own "music video" right here at our studios! Exciting details coming very soon! These music videos will be the new videos that we will be posting on our Bello Voice Studio You Tube Channel! Make your appointment TODAY by calling the office at
716-600-SING or emailing us at bellovoicestudio@yahoo.com

The BEST thing is...YOU get to KEEP your tips!!!
The address to TASTE is:
Address: 634 Main St #3, East Aurora, NY 14052
Phone:(716) 655-1874
Thank you so much to TASTE COFFEE for having our studio perform in East Aurora, New York every 2nd Saturday of the month!

The official name of our coffee house shows is:
Bello Studios "Hits The SPoT"
This will be an "all acoustic" show with guitar, piano, and vocals only! If you would like to be a part of this monthly (possibly weekly) event, please contact Debbie Monroe or your instructor to see if spots are still open! A few things about these events:
1. ONLY Bello Voice Studio singers will be singing.
2. ANYONE can attend to watch and listen to our singers. (but they ask that you "come hungry and thirsty" Our singers will get FREE coffee AND 1/2 off of their own food for that evening! This is just the one of MANY shows to come at this highly well known establishment! Hope you will come out to support your fellow singers and Bello Studio Family! Thank you to Keith Bernard for having our studio perform at SPoT Coffee in Orchard Park every 4th Saturday of every month!

Click below to watch our commercial with Russell's on Time Warner!

Also, watch Time Warner channels for our new commercial airing soon for Russell's Steaks, Chops, & More with our very own Elizabeth Culver singing a note that actually cracked a wine glass! Let us know when you see our studio on TV! Thank you to Russell's for allowing our studio to have this incredible opportunity! Honestly, there is NO better place to eat the best steak in town than Russell's Steaks, Chops, & More!

Just a few new rules that will now be enforced concerning our studio. Please no crop tops, no tummy showing, no major cleavage, and absolutely no short shorts to be worn at any future performances. we need to look professional at all times from now on. It's ALL about image!


2021 Bello Voice Studio Cancellation Policy
All cancellations MUST be made to your instructor 24 HOURS PRIOR to your scheduled lesson. This gives us the opportunity to reallocate your appointment to another student. If the cancellation is made after that time, YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR PAYMENT OF THE LESSON – NO EXCEPTIONS. If three lessons are canceled within a three month period, you will be taken off the schedule to accommodate a student on the waiting list. Lessons are to be paid directly to the teacher (or the office) PRIOR TO the lesson. Lessons can also be paid monthly in advance if so desired. The instructors at Bello Voice Studio are highly qualified teachers which need to maintain a steady level of income. Our instructors expenses do not change if a student misses his or her lesson.Arrangements must be made 2 WEEKS PRIOR to a foreseen absence such as an extended leave of absence, vacation, or foreseen job related circumstances. If lessons are canceled by the instructor, students are not required to pay. Lessons payments will be adjusted for planned instructor absences. We try diligently to accommodate your other commitments. Please help us maintain our schedule on a weekly basis.
Thank you for your cooperation.
Bello Voice Studio


From now on...(unless otherwise specified) ALL Jr's Shows and Studio/Company shows will be separate.

Rule 1: COMPANY Members (those who have auditioned and made it to COMPANY level) will perform TWO songs at a time. STUDIO members will perform one song at a time and only sign up again if there is time in the show. (which there usually is) It is considered to be an honor to be in COMPANY.

Rule 2: Once signed up, you may NOT sign up more than once unless everyone else has had a chance to sing at least once.

Rule 3: If someone arrives late, they IMMEDIATELY go to the TOP of the list to sing!


Rule 5: It is expected that you stay for the entire show if possible. It shows your dedication and also allows us to see that you are supporting your fellow studio members. This also has a LOT of weight on YOU becoming a Company Member at some point! (This especially goes for our upcoming ALL ACCESS show in June) This year, due to so many in the studio, you must be invited to sing in this concert! Otherwise it would last over 5 hours and we already have the concert on 2 separate nights! Dates to be announced very soon!! Probably going to be June 18th, 19th, or 20th!!One night is for Jr's and the other night is for COMPANY members and Debbie Bello's Studio/Company members. (other teachers will be having their own shows at the studio so that their students can show off their talent with their families there!) We promise it will be just as special!

Thank you for your understanding with these new rules!