Ages: 5 and over

Song Performance skills will be covered in this performance program and will be the destination of a physical journey (vocal & body) of the singer/dancer/actor through a song via Imagination, Creativity, and Emotion.

Skills will include:
•   Style development-Individuality
•   Audience Connection
•   Rhythm-Your relationship with the music
•   The song's introduction. . . What to do?
•   Song interpretation
•   Exploration of subtext and emotion
•   Lyric phrasing
•   Timing
•   Articulation and Diction
•   Body movement and rhythm
•   Hand movement and expression
•   Facial expression
•   Vocal range
•   Microphone technique
•   Voice production
•   Audience psychology
•   Poise
•   Stage personality
•   Grooming
•   Recording Techniques
•   Showmanship
•   Vitality
•   Song Repertoire (all genres)
•   Professionalism
•   Audition skills
•   Posture
•   Advice with Industry tools
•   Vocal warm-up exercises for strengthening particular skills
•   Masters classes
•   Proper breathing techniques
•   Professional feedback

Lessons are priced per hour weekly. Rates available when inquiring @

This lesson includes:

• Professional vocal training
• Warm-up training and techniques (Warm up CD available for $20)
• Song Repertoire selection
• Performance strengthening
• Microphone training
• Preparation for and participation in” The June Recital”
• Accompaniment for these performances provided upon request
• Introduction of note reading
• Professional Feedback
• Training in all genres of music: Pop, Broadway, Christian,
...Classical, Jazz, Country, and R&B.
• Timely notice of upcoming auditions
• Thorough Audition preparation
• Useful editing through “Cut and paste” of audition material
• Complete public relations on behalf of student including:
...television, radio, newspaper, and other personal interviews
• Continuous research for upcoming auditions, appearances, and
...contests in our area and surrounding areas
• Phone calls to you for possible auditions or appearances
• Assist with selection of appropriate songs for your demos
• Anthem audition coaching (National & Canadian)
• Contacts with Professional Sporting Personnel for the Anthem
• Organizing appearances for promoting student as an entertainer
• Unbiased critique of students prepared performance
• Assistance in navigating the student to become a successful
...performer that sets them apart
• Personal guidance with organization of industry tools
• Web exposure: photo / music / resume on this website


Ages: 7 and over
Beginner to intermediate

Want to "make it" in the Music Business? Record labels and talent scouts are looking for MORE than just great singers. Upcoming artists NEED the advantage of performing their songs with their OWN instruments!

Lessons are priced per 45 minute lesson weekly or bi-weekly. Rates available when inquiring @ 716-600-SING

Lessons includes:
•   Music basics and chords
•   Note or "by ear" instruction
•   Singing while playing
•   Rhythm and timing
•   Strumming and finger picking
•   Tuning and ear exercises
•   Warmups
•   Instrument performance and stage presence
•   Song interpretation
•   Style development-Individuality