We are a group of performers that have performed multiple events in our area and other States as well. Some of these include,..Music Is Art (with Robby Takac bass player and vocalist of The Goo Goo Dolls), Hunter's Day of Hope (with Jim & Jill Kelly) , Susan G Komen, The Hard Rock Cafe, American Idol, X-Factor, The Voice, Erie County Fair, Burger fest, Canal Fest, Quaker Arts Festival, Quaker Day's, 4th Of July pre show performances, Taste Coffee House, SPoT Coffee House, National Anthems for The Buffalo Bills, and many more! We are a vocal studio with over 100 singers that are amazing and at least 20 of them have been to American Idol, The X Factor, and The Voice Reality Shows with us each year.

We have 4 other teachers on staff (other than Debbie Monroe) Erika Hill, Victoria Mordaunt (piano and vocal instructor), Caitlin Croce (vocal) and Eric DeJesus who is our guitar instructor. Caitlin Koch (finalist from X Factor) also teaches at our studio when Debbie Monroe is out of town.

We also offer piano lessons, guitar lessons, workshops with famous guests such as Gwen Stewart from RENT, Heather Morris from Glee, Ted Kryczko (former Executive producer of Disney Productions) , Gary Powell (contributing writer and composer from many Disney Productions and also Head of The Music Dept of Austin University) Photo shoots, and Recording sessions all done by DWM Productions (Dan Monroe) . Our recording studio is called Studio Two.

Debbie was actually on the show of American Idol years ago and was interviewed as a voice coach. We have had many students make it to the" Big" audition with Randy, Paula, and Simon and 2 of our students were actually ON the show "American Idol" a few years ago! Another made it to the TOP 8 female singers on The X Factor! (Caitlin Koch) One of our former singers Colton Rudloff is currently singing in the band Midnight Red and is on tour at this present time!

We are well known in the community and can offer not only talent but many people attending any event as well! We do EVERY genre of music and can do and prepare ANY student of ANY age in whatever you need us to do. People are amazed by our singers and we would love the opportunity to perform at your event! We would love the opportunity to help put Buffalo on the map!

Thank you in advance for the opportunity to perform this year! Our motto is "Be The Star You Are"!

Debbie Monroe (voice coach)
Contact Info: 716-913-4004
E-mail: bellovoicestudio@yahoo.com
Website: www.bellovoicestudio.com